Humming in Harmony workshop and Flashmob


I am Sergio Lopez Figueroa, the creator of Humming in Harmony, as a composer, pianist and social entrepreneur I am fascinated about sound. Following a series of life challenges a couple of years ago I returned back to music to find solace. Sharing my findings with others was part of the healing process. In 2016 I was selected as changemaker by the Southbank Centre at the Festival of Love and have ben working with individuals and organisations promoting a new practise of mindfulness based on the power of music and sound vibration of the human voice.

Humming in Harmony is a group practise that relies on the human connection at a primal level in a physical space. It is not a guided meditation but a self regulatory practise based on the principle of empathy and active listening.


Calling 9.30 for 10 am start this is a Humming in Harmony workshop Bring comfortable clothes and a yoga mat if you want to lay down in comfort. The tent is a fantastic circular space suitable for this practise, an oasis of silence and peace in the city. The principles of humming in harmony ill be explained and experienced. This is a practical workshop which will conclude with an akiora, a full vocal improvisation a cappella which will take inside the church.Bring warm clothes if you want to take part in the flashmob (read below)

You will learn to
Listen to multiple frequencies, breathing and producing sound through humming.
Exercises and routines in pairs and small groups using your voice and body.
Humming Mindfulness

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Humming in Harmony

After a break we will be heading to a secret public venue to experience humming in a very special location for its acoustic qualities and ambience. You need to bring an extra layer of clothing and coat as the space is not heated. The experience will last for one hour standing max. Location and directions will be revealed at the workshop for participants

If you want to attend just the flashmob, you will receive notifications and instructions by email

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As a composer I have written improvisational music for piano, orchestra and humming audience. I am promoting HUM (HUMAN UNIVERSAL MUSIC) a long term recording and performance project which uses 24 pieces of classical piano repertoire as improvisational material. The project aims to spread the value of empathy through music around the world to enable meaningful connections between individuals in our divided societies.

Sun Mar 26, 2017
9:30 AM - 2:00 PM GMT
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St Ethelburga's church
Humming Flashmob SOLD OUT £10.00
Humming workshop and flashmob SOLD OUT £30.00
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The workshop takes place at the tent which is at the back of the church. Final improvisation inside the church
Humming in Harmony